Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring


Wind blowing, Birds chirping, Frogs croaking, Flowers blooming, Rain coming, Sun shining


Wind of the Spirit  — blowing out the cobwebs, bringing new life, power, and refreshment.

Melodies of the Heart (just like the birds and the frogs who sing for joy, who announce the approach of spring) — singing songs and hymns and spiritual songs; making a joyful noise unto the Lord; worshipping Him with the clapping and raising of hands; lifting Him up with a shout of praise; dancing in His presence just as all of creation seems to dance with new life.

Life Blooming — just as the grass begins to grow and become green with new life and just as the flowers push their way through the dead grasses so do our dreams push their way out of that which has been dormant.

Rain coming — refreshment, life, renewal, growth. Also the Washing of the Water of the Word cleans us up. His rain is the best!

Son shining — ALWAYS…not just in the Spring. Remember…just as the sun is always in the heavens…whether we see it or not…so is the Son of God always with us…whether we see anything or feel anything…His very Spirit dwells within every believer.