What We Do

Do whatever it takes to get the job done, to help all successfully live out the vision of God for their lives, their churches, their ministries.


This is the call of Faith to Faith. This is what we do, day after day. Understandably so, though, no two days are the same since no two people, no two churches or no two ministries are identical. God is not a cookie cutter God, and He does not hand out cookie cutter visions to His people. They are unique to those He has called to accomplish the work.

And just as there are no cookie cutter visions…so there are no cookie cutter solutions to the problems we face as we pursue God’s plan for our lives and our ministries. Faith to Faith is dedicated to taking a fresh look at the challenges we face and creating solutions that fit those needs.

What does that look like? Well, it varies from day to day and month to month but here are a few of things that Faith to Faith does to help you become more successful at what God has called you to accomplish in His Kingdom: 


Teaching and discipleship — pulpit ministry (i.e., a Sunday morning, a women’s meeting, a specially called service, a leadership conference…) Hallmark of FTFI: Biblical teaching ministry that is prayer driven and Holy Ghost led. If an opportunity opens to share the Gospel or disciple believers, Faith to Faith is available.

Ministry Review — in-depth, one-on-one review of leadership and organizational structures and processes.  Based upon the goals of the individual minister or ministry, Faith to Faith International is available to come for an on-sight visit that is followed by a detailed analysis of the current situation with multiple scenarios presented as to how to correct, adjust, and move forward.

Behind the Scenes — sometimes, oft times, it is not pulpit ministry that would be the most helpful or is the most needfulThis is when Behind the Scenes work comes into play. I express it like this — whatever it takes to get the job done. Perhaps it is a simple conversation or a series of conversations with the ministry team or pastor…bringing the vision into better focus and creating a game plan for fulfilling the vision. Or perhaps it is a customized conference or event. Faith to Faith International stands behind its commitment to help make ministers, ministries, and churches successful in fulfilling the Kingdom Vision they have been given.

Writing for the Kingdom — when the spoken word isn’t enough. Stephanie has a gift for the written word…whether it is putting the vision on paper, writing curriculum that fulfills a need, or ghostwriting on a project.  The Word tells us to WRITE the vision in order to make it plain so that all who read it may run with it.

Barnabus — Barnabus was known as the Son of Encouragement.  Think of it this way: A marathon runner is often cheered by those who stand at the side of the road or path; however, what a difference it makes to the one running when someone chooses to run alongside while encouraging them to complete their race.  We all need those who will encourage us to finish our course with joy…. but how much better when we know they are not just a bystander but fully vested in the race themselves.  When we know someone has gone before us and lived through it to tell the tale…. we are more apt to have a listening ear and a cheered heart.


The above list in no way details all that Faith to Faith does…but it gives a glimpse into the varied ministry that takes place. Furthermore, the practical shall always be inextricably linked with the spiritual, for both are needed for us to fulfill the plan of God for our lives. As the Apostle James told us…faith without works is dead!!! We must act upon our faith…and as men and women of God, that means that we must be diligent to do the W-O-R-K of the ministry.

Faith to Faith wants to see each and every member of the Body of Christ in his or her right place…so that the entire Body will be functioning as it was created to do.

If you have any questions about anything you have read or a particular situation that you or your ministry is facing, please do not hesitate to contact Faith to Faith International. You will find someone willing to listen and committed to helping you find the answers you seek in a confidential environment, grounded in trust and integrity.