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Relax…God’s in Charge

Relax…God’s in Charge

Wow! That catches your attention, doesn’t it? At least it does mine. It is so easy to begin to think that we are the ones in charge…but what a lie that is! For, it is the Lord God Who holds us in the very palm of His hand. It is the Lord Who Provides. It is the Lord Who makes a way where there seems to be no way.

I can try to solve a problem in a myriad of different ways….through my own strength, my own “know how”, my own ability… The only problem is that brings everything back to ME, not God. It is just another of those I, me, my, mine traps we can fall into…and boy, doesn’t the enemy enjoy watching us fall.

Today…tomorrow….and for the rest of your life….don’t forget that you serve an awesome God Who knows the end from the beginning, Whose plan is always the best.

Just know…that I am speaking to myself first. It is imperative that I keep the Lord first…keep Him the one in charge….NOT ME!